iPhone Screen repair

22 May 2019

iPhone screen repair tips & tricks.

Lets face it iPhone screens aren’t cheap to its important to make sure you protect them as best you can. With loads of choices in the market for Screen protectors and tempered glass screen protectors, At Protech Mobile Repair we are always on the lookout for the best Screen Protectors for our customers.


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Durable Armor for Touchscreens
Perfect for all devices, our touchscreen protection is optically clear, won’t hinder screen responsiveness, features patented impact
protection, and is smooth to the touch, like glass. If you have an older phone, protection for legacy device models is also available.

Customised Body Protection
Express your style by customising the look and feel of your device. Choose from a selection of colours and textures that are sure to make
your device stand out! Case-friendly options are available. Update the look of a legacy or
damaged phone with body protection.


  • Self-healing to minor scratches and abrasions
  • Sensitive – maintains screen responsiveness
  • Durable, strong, impact resistant
  • Flexible around curved edges
  • Custom-made, on-demand, fits any device
  • Proven impact protection
  • Installation takes less than 5 minutes

Call us today or drop and and get your custom cut screen protector.

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