iPhone Screen Replacement Sunshine Coast

17 June 2019

iPhone Screen Repair.

Don’t want to spend a lot of money fixing your iPhone, which is no longer under warranty, from $89.00 we can replace your iPhone screen within about 15 minutes. The biggest issue, nearly microscopic stripped screws. The most surprising thing was how hard it was to get some of these screws out. And how many screws there actually are inside an iPhone, and how teeny tiny these things are.

If you want to save money on an older phone, and you’re up for a challenge, these kits can give you everything you need. But if you’re OK with forking over $129, you’ll skip the added stress and frustration. And if you’re ready for a new phone altogether together. So don’t try and fix this on your own call us today or drop in to our Marcoola store and we will fix your phone while you wait.

iPhone Repair

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