Signs that you need to replace your iPhone

27 May 2019

Do I need a new iPhone Screen?

You’ve never been one of those people who needs a new phone every year, or every other year, anyway.

How do you know when it’s time to take the plunge and ditch your old iPhone for a new one?

We’re definitely not one to encourage the cycle of nonstop iPhone upgrades. Hanging on to your phone for a long time is a good thing. But just as some users feel compelled to upgrade way too often, others stubbornly refuse to get a new phone until their current one literally won’t function at all, and might need a little help accepting that their old phone is holding them back

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Your screen is smashed or cracked but isn’t worth fixing

Cracked screens are common. Chips, cracks, and even fully shattered screens happen to the best of us. They make your phone hard or even dangerous to use, and of course they’re just frustrating.

For most people, it’s a priority to get the screen fixed. If you screen has been busted for a year and you won’t fix it because it costs more for the repair than your phone is worth, maybe it’s time to move on. We do iPhone screen repairs for less than you think. Local business in Marcoola on the Sunshine Coast.

Think about what that says, that your old iPhone isn’t even worth fixing . If it’s not worth fixing, it’s not worth using.

You’re always out of storage space

You’ve tried everything. You store your photos and videos online. You have Optimize iPhone Storage enabled in the Photos section of the Settings app. You deleted all the apps you don’t really use. You’ve done everything you can to reduce Other storage .

Yet you still run out of space on your iPhone. You can’t download that app you want. You get a warning when you try to take photos. You get a warning when you try to update iOS.

At some point, you have to face the facts—as operating systems and apps do more, they get bigger. As you take more photos, even the thumbnails and indices for them get bigger. The 16GB of space that was “just fine” when you bought your iPhone a few years ago now feels like trying to squeeze a fleet of SUVs into two-car garage.

You can’t upgrade your iPhone’s storage space. You can only get a new iPhone. And if storage limits are preventing you from using your iPhone the way you want to, maybe it’s time to consider that. You may not want to get the minimum storage space this time, for fear of being back in this boat again in a few year.

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